Process For Determining Eligibility and Services - Section 504

Initial Intervention

  • A student experiences educational difficulty, a pre-referral TEAM meets to discuss the concerns.

  • The TEAM suggests intervention strategies to help correct the difficulties. Primary function of the TEAM is to offer assistance to teachers.

  • If the strategies are unsuccessful, the TEAM can make an appropriate referral process for evaluation to Section 504, special education or Title 1.


  • Parents, professional staff, students, and/or community agencies may make referrals.

  • The presenting problem(s) and previous remedies are considered and reviewed. A summary will be prepared including all current information and recommendations.


  • The school notifies the parents or guardians, in writing, of the school's reason an intent to conduct an evaluation and of procedural safeguards. If the school decides an evaluation is not warranted, it should so inform the parents, as well as advise them of their right to request a hearing about the refusal to evaluate.

Written Consent

  • Section 504 does not require written consent before the initial evaluation, however, the district will require written consent except in instances where significant harm would occur to the student with a delay to obtain consent.


  • The school evaluates the student with disabilities before making an initial placement or any subsequent, significant change in placement. The evaluation targets the specific area(s) of educational need.


  • A Section 504 Committee meets and analyzes the evaluation data to determine if the individual has a mental or physical impairment which substantially limits a major life activity and is in need of special services.


  • A group of individuals knowledgeable about the student, disability, evaluation, and service options should consider these factors in developing a plan to serve the student:

    • evaluation results;

    • Section 504 eligibility;

    • The student's unmet needs;

    • Services based on eligibility, and

    • Discussion and plan for possible staff inservice.


  • The school staff provides the services called for the Section 504 plan. Parents will be consulted and given opportunity for input regarding services.

  • The program adjustments and/or services are implemented.


  • Each student's program adjustments and/or services are reviewed periodically.