Resources & Programs for Youth

Crisis Team

Crisis Team is a district team that includes the Superintendent,Assistant Superintendent, Building Administrators, Counselors, School Nurse, Building Representatives, Co-Chairs, Grief Busters and Community Resources that respond to a crisis within the district. It is a process that helps the school district to be prepared to deal with a crisis and there is a written procedure manual available. Contact Rick Lovato at 384-6900.

The English Language Learners Program

The English Language Learners Program (ELL) provides learning services to students whose primary or home language is something other than English,allowing English Language Learners meaningful access to the curriculum.Intensive English instruction is given individually or in small groups to Non-English Proficient (NEP) students. The curriculum is based on the Colorado English Language Development Standards, and will focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. Content area tutoring and other assistance may be provided, based on ability and need.

For further information, contact Cassandra Torres-Siefkas at (719) 384-9151 or

Gifted and Talented/Talent Pool

Gifted and Talented/Talent Pool is an Able and Ambitious Program of Gifted Talented students serving grades K-12 who will benefit from differentiated curriculum provisions of various nature and identification procedures as described in the district’s policy packet. Contact Molly Borton at (719) 384-4467.

La Junta Public Schools Guidance and Counseling

  • La Junta Primary School Grades K-2 Contact Lori Peralta-Martinez– 384-2991

  • La Junta Intermediate School Grades 3-6 Contact Dayna Bender – 384-9151

  • La Junta Jr./Sr. High School Grades 7-12 Contact Lavona Tyscka or Rayann Remick–384-4460

Special Education Services

Pursuant to the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA) and the state Handicapped Children’s Act (HCA), East Otero School District provides a complete range of services for students with disabilities, utilizing various service models available for that purpose. Other special services are provided through the Santa Fe Trail BOCES. Contact Rick Lovato – 384-6900.

Summer School

Summer school is a six week extended school for students in gradesK-5 whose academic achievement is below the district standards in reading, writing and math. Summer School is held at the Primary School during the summer months of June and July. Contact Rick Lovato –384-6900.

Task Resources For Youth (TRY)

Task Resources For Youth, (T.R.Y.) is a cross sectional committee of the community using Title IV funds and local donations to coordinate available resources for assisting family and youth with various issues and problems of today. Membership is open to all interested persons. Contact TRY at