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Section 504 Information » Section 504 Eligibility

Section 504 Eligibility

Examples of factors which may indicate possible eligibility for services under Section 504:
  • When a parent frequently expresses concern about his or her child's performance in school.
  • When suspension or expulsion is being considered for any student.
  • When retention is being considered.
  • When a student shows a pattern of not benefiting from classroom instruction.
  • When a student returns to school after a serious illness or injury.
  • When a student is referred for assessment, but it is determined not to do an assessment under the IDEA.
  • When a student is assessed and is found not to qualify for special education services under the IDEA.
  • When a student exhibits a chronic health condition that impacts his or her disability to benefit from the school program.
  • When a student has been identified as having an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and is observed having difficulty in school.
  • When a student is identified as "at risk" or exhibits the potential for dropping out of school.
  • When substance abuse is an issue.
  • When a disability of any kind is known or suspected.
  • When a student is homeless.
  • When a student has a parent with a disability.