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East Otero School District

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Rocky Mountain Health Plan
Beta Health Dental Plans
Eyemed Vision Plan

Full-time certified personnel shall receive $475 per month as a fringe benefit if employee participated in the district’s health insurance plan. For employees working less than .75 FTE to .5 FTE, they may receive a $237.50 monthly benefit allowance.

Salary Deductions

The business office of the district makes monthly deductions from salaries for the following, in accordance with the provisions of the law:

  • Federal and State income tax.
  • P.E.R.A. retirement contributions of 8% for all employees.
  • Medicare - .0145 of the monthly gross (only for employees hired after 07/01/86).
Medical Insurance Premiums

  Employee E/S E/C Family
Good Health PPO 1000 80 $456.49 $934.10 $843.97 $1322.57
Rocky Mountain Health PPO Plan 25-2000 $523.79 $1071.81 $968.38 $1517.55
Eye Med Vision $6.26 $11.89 $12.53 $18.41
Beta Health - Alpha Plan $9.44 $15.81 $21.42 $25.50
Beta Health - Dental PPO Plan $31.60 $60.67 $70.75 $109.94
Discretionary Leave

Each full-time certified employee shall be granted ten (10) days discretionary leave per year without reduction in pay for personal illness. Accumulated discretionary leave shall not exceed a total of ninety (90) days.

Sick Leave Bank

Sick Leave Bank participation is available to all personnel by a donation of two (2) days of sick leave to the Bank upon enrollment. Each staff member who has accumulated at least fourteen (14) days of discretionary leave shall be eligible to join the Sick Leave Bank. A member of the Sick Leave Bank may apply for sick leave days from the Bank any time after he/she has used up his/her own discretionary leave days. Upon approval, a member of the Bank may draw up to 45 consecutive workdays from the Sick Leave Bank for any serious illness, accident or hospitalization.

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave will be allowed to employees in additional to sick and personal leave in the case of a death in the immediate family (2 days in state, 3 days out of state).


Employees shall be paid on the 25th day of each month. When the 25th day falls during a holiday or weekend. Payday shall be the last working day preceding the holiday or weekend.


An employee wishing to transfer to a position of lesser responsibility will also be expected to accept a reduction in salary commensurate with that position.


Movement from one skill to another can be made only at the beginning of a new contract year except for new employees. This is not automatic movement. Certain skill levels must be obtained for this movement.