2016 Request for Qualifications/Proposals


RR Task Force

Here is the link to  Four Day Week Schedules and Curriculum Prezi.

4 day week Schedule and Curriclum

Best Practices in Teacher Retention and Recruitment

Thanks so much to all of you who shared your opinions about the 4-day school week for our conversation with the School Board! The final results of the teacher survey are summarized in this slide show: 

The Recruitment and Retention Task Force
represents all three buildings in the East Otero School District and reports monthly to the School Board with suggestions on how to improve the quality of teaching and the working conditions within our district. The purpose of this link is to gather any questions or ideas from staff, students, parents and community that they might share concerning the subject of the 4 day week and the recruitment and retention of our teachers and staff.

Email link:  taskforce@lajunta.k12.co.us for Recruitment and Retention Task Force

​Here is the CDE Four Day Manual Prezi link.



Google Art Contest

The Doodle 4 Google contest is now open for students K-12.  Please encourage your creative and artistic students to participate.  Follow the link below for details. 

2016-2017 Enrollment Forms - All Students

2016-2017 New Student Packet - For students new to the district please fill out these forms as well as the all student forms above.

East Otero School District Drop Box


It is an exciting time at La Junta Schools and there are so many activities that deserve recognition.  It is difficult to get good pictures of all of our activities and we would welcome photos that you may have for us to share with the district.  We are piloting a photo drop box to allow parents and community members to share photos of our activities to be posted on the website and school Facebook pages respectively.  If you are interested in sharing pictures, we ask that you are able to identify all students in the pictures so we can make sure before posting that we have permission to share publicly.  Again, this is a pilot and we will be doing our best to make this a positive opportunity to promote our school activities as we know we have so many great things going on in our district that deserve attention and recognition!

The web address is:  www.dropbox.com
Click on "Sign in"
User Name:  dropbox@lajunta.k12.co.us
Password:  lajuntak-12
Upload photograph files into the shared file.

If you have any questions, please contact Dee Quick at 719-384-6906

Mission and Vision Statements

We envision a district respected by students, families, and community for its high performance and innovation. We envision schools where every student values education and acquires the knowledge, skills, self- confidence, and adaptability to be a capable and successful learner, ready for further education and/or work, and prepared for life’s challenges.

Through commitment, collaboration, and creativity, we will:

  • Create a safe and effective learning environment;
  • Foster respectful relationships and open communication with students, families, and community;
  • Deliver a guaranteed and viable curriculum;
  • Implement research-based teaching and learning practices;
  • Share leadership; and
  • Monitor professional practices and student learning to ensure accountability.