• Parents/Guardians should have received a letter stating what Summer School/Panda Prep session their child will be attending.  If parents/guardians did not receive this letter, please call either the Primary School (for all Panda Prep students) or the Intermediate School (for all Summer School students) first thing Monday morning and the secretary will provide your child's session time.
  • For students attending Summer School at the Intermediate School, please drop your children off at the front of the Intermediate School Building.  Teachers will be waiting to help guide students to the playground area, where they will wait until their session begins.  There will be teachers on the playground as well, to help monitor the students' safety before each session begins.
  • When each Summer School session is over, your child's teacher will walk them to the front of the building to be picked up.  Please make sure to pick your child up on time, as the teachers will be waiting for their next set of students to arrive.
  • We are so excited to be able to provide this extra reading support to our students and look forward to seeing everyone there!
  • Please contact the following numbers on Monday July 20th with any questions or concerns:

Primary School - 384-2991              Intermediate School - 384-9151


2015-2016 School Supply Lists

La Junta Primary School
Kindergarten List pdf
1st Grade List pdf
2nd Grade List pdf

La Junta Intermediate School

3rd Grade List pdf
4th Grade List pdf
5th Grade List pdf
6th Grade List pdf

La Junta Jr/Sr High School

7th and 8th Grade Listpdf
There is not a supply list for grades 9-12.  Those students find out from each teacher what they will need specifically for that class when school starts.

Mission and Vision Statements

We envision a district respected by students, families, and community for its high performance and innovation. We envision schools where every student values education and acquires the knowledge, skills, self- confidence, and adaptability to be a capable and successful learner, ready for further education and/or work, and prepared for life’s challenges.

Through commitment, collaboration, and creativity, we will:

  • Create a safe and effective learning environment;
  • Foster respectful relationships and open communication with students, families, and community;
  • Deliver a guaranteed and viable curriculum;
  • Implement research-based teaching and learning practices;
  • Share leadership; and
  • Monitor professional practices and student learning to ensure accountability.


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